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Opportunities to Grow

Grow with us. Stater Bros. Markets is a great start to your future. We are committed to helping our teammates thrive in the areas they love. We offer our teammates education benefits and tuition discounts at local Universities. Be a part of a growing team, with talent and advancement opportunities across all areas of our organization. From our Retail Stores, Corporate Office, Warehousing, Transportation and so much more. Your success starts here.

Integrated Marketing

Be part of a team that brings ideas to life. The Integrated Marketing (IM) team plays a key role in developing Stater Bros. marketing campaigns from start to finish. Leverage and expand your skillset in advertising, digital marketing, graphic design, social media, and more. Join a diverse group of individuals and help us effectively reach millions through a concerted omnichannel effort.


Our Stater Bros. Merchandising department strategically plans, develops, and executes sales strategies across our organization and with our vendor partners. Beginning with evaluating products, securing inventory, setting pricing strategies, and followed by in-store merchandising execution to provide a shopping experience our customers expect. Merchandising goals are accomplished through constant collaboration with our vendor partners to offer fresh, affordable products which are delivered to the communities we proudly serve.

Public Relations

The Public Relations (PR) Department maintains and protects the reputation and image of Stater Bros. Markets. As a key driver of awareness and education for Stater Bros., this team communicates with our stakeholders through press releases and internal/external communications. PR also plans, organizes, and executes corporate and store-level events as well as working collaboratively with Stater Bros. Charities to make a positive difference in Southern Californian communities.


Stater Bros. Charities is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that functions as the philanthropic arm of Stater Bros. Markets. Our Charities team manages the day-to-day nonprofit administration focusing on grant-making, fundraising events and campaigns, donor stewardship, corporate partnerships, and community relations while working cross-functionally with Stater Bros. Markets. Our work is led by purpose-driven and passionate teammates, dedicated to supporting our mission and nurturing our communities, who thrive in a fun, positive, and collaborative environment.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources (HR) team keeps Stater Bros. Markets a great place to work and thrive. The team strategically facilitates recruitment efforts to satisfy the need throughout the organization, manages company benefits and compensation packages, and evaluates performance. HR also manages employee relations to maintain a safe, healthy working environment and when necessary, enforces disciplinary action.

Retail Operations

Our Retail Operations team's goal is to maintain the fresh and welcoming shopping experience Stater Bros. Markets is known for. The team works cross-functionally with various departments throughout the organization to execute programs, campaigns, and updates to our store experience for both customers and teammates. In addition, the team manages the day-to-day regulation of labor standards, quality checks, and customer service evaluations.


Our Accounting department invests in smart decisions that will drive and grow Stater Bros. Markets. Be a part of a team that is a vital part of our business by maintaining oversight of finances and reporting throughout Stater Bros. Markets, by ensuring, and tracking revenue and expenses and making critical decisions that will deliver a positive outcome for our organization.


The Training department strives to meet the needs of our teammates by providing knowledge of new policies and procedures, specific training according to job class, and overall awareness of company standards. As a part of employee development, the Training Department takes pride in fostering improved job skills. These actions take place by actively providing tools, resources, and network connections to allow teammates to grow their potential. Our Training department is committed to communicating and educating our teammates about higher education. Be a part of developing teammates and helps them reach their career goals.


Our distribution center is 2 million square feet of warehouse space. Operating 24/7 throughout the year to keep our stores stocked. Our teammates of over 700 warehouse employees ships and receives about 5 million cases of refrigeration and dry groceries each week. Consumers count on our distribution center for their grocery essentials. Be a part of a team that makes a difference and provides to Southern California communities.


The E-Commerce department strives to bring our store's inviting and fresh shopping experience online, through a seamless omnichannel approach. Our team manages everything from analytics to content development and collaborates together with the Integrated Marketing department to expand our brand's online presence and sales. When working in the E-Commerce department expect a fast-paced environment where collaboration is key and each teammate's contributions are valued.


The Information Technology (IT) department strives to keep our company connected and online without disruption. Our team manages the day-to-day network and hardware needs of our company in all stores, the warehouse, and offices. From field technicians to help desk support, our team is the touchpoint for facilitating technology services.


The transportation department directly links our warehouse and stores together to ensure that we're able to nourish families and communities throughout Southern California. Our transportation team is focused on safety and manages the day-to-day delivery of products, from the moment we load the trailer to when it returns from our stores. Our work is led by passionate teammates who are dedicated to the communities we serve, rain or shine we work hard to make sure stores are stocked.


Keeping our customers and partners safe in our communities is the top priority at Stater Bros. Markets. Our Security team ensures safety measures are met on a day-to-day basis. Our team members focus on supporting a secure working environment across all our locations, as well as strategically identifying and investigating theft, shortages, and making investigative reports to safeguard our organization. Be a part of a team with a calling to protect and serve others.


Our department of Construction builds and brings innovations to life from the ground up. With a prime purpose to grow and the company’s fixed assets by supporting the extension of new store developments, infrastructures, and extensions of existing facilities. The team over sees and plans designs to serve our local communities across Southern California.

Real Estate

Our Real Estate department enriches our communities by supporting the growth of our stores. Comprised of property management, construction, facility maintenance, and equipment purchasing. With a key focus on ensuring a quality shopping experience for our customers and partners, this department has a primary role in shaping and executing real estate projects such as opening, relocating, closing, and remodeling and maintaining all our store’s distribution, office buildings, and properties.


Our Maintenance team is comprised of four sections; general maintenance, refrigeration, special projects, and paint whose combined efforts keep our stores, warehouse, and offices in pristine condition. Our team manages the maintenance of all store infrastructure, so we can continue to offer the communities we serve fresh and affordable groceries. In addition, the team also works collaboratively with the construction team and contractors on building developments.

Culinary Coaches

The Culinary Coach department provides support to fresh departments across the organization. They are the subject matter experts for training courses and assist major implementations of culinary programs. Working cross-functionally, the team coaches in-store departments on food safety practices and optimal food preparation standards to increase efficiency.


Our Safety department is a multi-focused, mobile branch of the Insurance Administration department that supports all operations of Stater Bros. Markets. The team focuses on setting the standard for personal employee safety, reviewing and maintaining optimal food safety practices, and ensuring the health and safety of our teammates and customers. We work hand in hand with regulatory agencies to make sure the entire organization is above and beyond the standard expectation.

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